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Finders Fees

It really is this simple, find us a company (you could already work work there), get one of our machines installed you you will earn yourself £2000 on completion of our system being installed! It really is that simple!

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Finders T&C's

All finders must have registered with the site giving notice of the potential company.

All units are to be installed in Great Britain unless a prior agreement is made.

Offer can end at ant time. All previous agreements will be honored on completion.

Finders fee will only be paid out once the system has been installed and full payment from the company received. 

A one off code will be given to the finder which will need to be given to the finders company and returned to us on their company headed paper or via a company email address as prove the finder and company are working together.

All information on the product is available on the site and is advised it is understood.