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Antifreeze Regeneration: The removal of metals, oils, and dirt, from the antifreeze. Large fleet users

include governments, mining companies, bus companies, trucking companies, service stations,

auto dealerships, etc.

The World Fact Book states that as of 2010 there are 43,983 airports in the world, if we assume 50% are in areas that require antifreeze use this leaves 21,991 possible customers.  A Triton system can be used to keep the airport open through the frozen weather; airports currently use ponds to collect the glycol based antifreeze that keeps the runways clear, when the ponds are saturated they must stop applying the antifreeze and the runways close, my product will regenerate the glycol and remove other contaminants presenting the airport with an opportunity to have a closed loop system, just topping up lost water and securing the ability to keep the runways de-iced.