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Cooling Towers: EC is used to pre-treat water entering towers as well as blow down water to remove algae, suspended solids, calcium, and magnesium build-up, thereby eliminating costly replacement water.

Renewable energy is now not just a gimmick, but a powerful player in the global energy market, It is being constantly driven by ever increasing demand, coupled to environmental concerns about current methods such as fossil fuels.  Our ability to combine and generate renewable energy products will set us apart from our competitors and allow entry to a fast growing market set to expand just as rapidly as the water Industry.


Our offering of a hydrogen station at each location will strengthen our ability as an energy provider to a fresh market at the very early stages of growth. If our core product offering succeeds in gaining the forecast growth, then we could be the largest forecourt supplier (buy number) to the transport industry in the UK in only a few years time.

As we will have a capable development facility, manufacturing and developing our own purpose built PEM fuel cells will be a viable option without any significant cost to the operation, these could then be used to expand our energy capability at a reduced cost and lead time.

As the company expands and grows, we would like to investigate completely self contained properties, these would generate their own energy in various forms and recycle their own waste as far as possible, each property would have their own hydrogen or electric power charging bay and vehicle included.