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In the UK today there are around 170,000 industrial companies,  worldwide these run into the millions and use 23% of the worlds water supply, and the majority of this will be put down the drain once used. 

My product will enable them to recycle 100% of their waste water and thus remove the costs associated with buying it while giving the company gold plated environmental credentials to boost their standing,

if it is beneficial to their process they could even increase their usage whereas before it would have been too expensive simply because they could now have a closed loop recycling system only requiring topping up from the mains.

Water Reuse Resulting in Zero Discharge: EC cost effectively treats electroplating rinse water,

stream cleaners, pressure washers, mining, food processing, drilling mud, etc.

Food Processing Industry: Meat, poultry, fish, total plant effluent to harvest additional protein and fat for sale, salad oil, beverage, potato processing, vegetable washing, equipment washing.

Process Rinse Water and Wash Water: EC routinely remediates process and rinse water from the electroplating, computer board manufactures, textile industry, paint rinse water, steel production, mining industry, automotive industry, equipment repair industry, stack wash water, and pulp and paper. In most cases, the treated water can be recycled and reused.

The toxic fumes polluting the air could also be subdued by the introduction of our air scrubbing unit, with vast amounts entering the atmosphere, new ideas are desperately needed to stem the damage.