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Environmental Rescue

Our products would provide a tool that could react to the needs of governments, charitable organisations or liable companies, Triton Cleantech could respond to oil spills and cleanse the contaminated shore area, the mobile units will be able to access any shoreline that a 4x4 utility vehicle can get to, draw contaminated water, treat it, then use it to wash the area and wildlife.  Investment in a vessel mounted system would also be required to be able to surround the problem and deploy additional containment and collection, as the system is easily constructed from light weight components that can easily be handled with basic equipment, installation in a vessel will be straight forward, also, rather than just skim the oil off as is usually done we could treat and decontaminate the water that comes with it before releasing it back to sea, providing a much more thorough service to the environment.  As with the oils and gas industry, EC would be able to easily break up and separate any emulsified oils which could  then be recovered to generate additional revenue, As catastrophic as they are, the PR surrounding an oil spill will be Invaluable.

If a dock location is available from the start-up point this could be a viable option to provide the dock with  a protection service.